Yogi Bear and Boo Boo too!

           “Hey-hey-hey-hey! Attention, crew! Has old Yogi Bear got news for you. This letter is from Ranger Smith back in Jellystone Park. He says that Jellystone is gonna be proclaimed the neatest park in the west,”

Yogi Bear, 1973

We would definitely agree with that quote from Yogi Bear, who’s “not your average bear.”  We packed up and headed to Jellystone Park in Kerrville, TX where the activities for the kids would be endless. If you haven’t ever camped at a Jellystone Park with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, it should be a must on your bucket list!  There is so much to do here…laser tag, indoor pool, water park (during the summer), basketball, miniature golf, Jump Pad, playgrounds, river and an activities room with countless crafts & activities for the whole family…a child’s dream vacation spot.  Being winter, there aren’t too many kids here so my kids are getting lots of attention from the staff.  It’s mostly just “Winter Texans” (aka the retired folks who come for the winter), so there are tons of activities for the adults right now too…bean bag baseball (my personal favorite), dominoes, cards, etc. These parks are usually quite pricey during the summer season but, being the winter, their monthly rates are very affordable so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity & enjoy this park for longer than we usually can. This particular Jellystone is located right along the Guadalupe River and it is absolutely beautiful! We are enjoying our morning walks along the river and the dogs are enjoying their morning swims.

River Views

Craft Time!

Playground fun!


Laser Tag Fun!


Candy Bar Bingo


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