Up, Up, & Away!!!!

We spent 4 amazing days at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, gratefully sharing this experience with my parents, David’s dad, as well as lots of family & friends that already live in Albuquerque! We, of course, had our issues with the trailer, as we are the Dawsons, but we still had an incredible time.  If you haven’t experienced the Balloon Fiesta before, we hope that you can get a good feel of it through this blog post as it really was an awesome sight!

We chose to camp right at the Fiesta for ease, despite a lack of hookups. Somehow we were blessed with an upgraded site and we did not complain! We camped right along “the box” which we learned is where many of the balloons land. We had this entire open area just outside our door where we could sit on the cold mornings, drink our hot coffee  and watch the balloons rise…and a few land. Here are just a few pics from the wee hours of the morning. We literally rolled out of bed for this so I wasn’t looking my best. As the sun rose, the colors from the balloons really decorated the sky. To see hundreds of balloons in all shapes and sizes was really quite a sight.

img_4889img_48421img_48431  img_48461img_4848 img_4867img_4883

The nighttime Balloon Fiesta was really neat to see as well. The balloons didn’t lift off the ground but were inflated for the Night Glow or Glowdeo, as they titled it. The winds didn’t cooperate so many balloons just couldn’t get upright but we managed to see a few light up as well as meet up some precious friends & family. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of them as I was too focused on pictures of the balloons.

.img_4887img_4853 img_4859 img_4863

We spent the next few days going onto the Fiesta grounds for a few hours in the morning on some days and a few hours in the evenings on others. Besides the early morning hours or later evening, the balloons weren’t around so you’d just go to shop at the variety of vendor booths or feast on the fair food, which is not my thing…well, besides maybe one funnel cake that I was forced to eat 😉 .  That’s a story all in itself!

On the final day I wasn’t sure I really wanted to get up at 4:30am to head to the fairgrounds but, with a little support from my mom, David and I managed it. The kids however couldn’t get out of bed so they stayed back with Grandpa. I have to say that it was well worth the loss of a few hours of sleep. The morning ascension was absolutely incredible, especially as the sun came out  warming the cool air and giving the balloons an incredible blue background. ‘We met one of the balloon pilots who taught us all about how the balloons fly and why they need the cold morning air temperature. Let’s see if I can briefly sum it up…. the ground has to be colder than the air up above in order for the heated balloon to rise. As the sun rises and warms the ground, the air becomes warmer and its more difficult for the balloon to get off the ground. There was your tidbit of info.  I was devastated that the kids missed it but it turns out they had quite an experience of their own with Grandpa and our RV neighbor, Jada…chasing landing balloons & checking out the baskets up close and personal.  I wish I had the pictures of their experience!

img_4893 img_4899 img_4927img_4936img_4901 img_4910 img_4918 img_4924  img_4929 img_4932  img_4937 img_4938 img_4940 img_4943 img_4956 img_4961

It’s crazy how many pictures I took! I don’t think they do it justice so you will just have to go with us next year to see it for yourself!! Thanks for listening!




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