Our Home

We have had many people wonder how we can live in such a small space…432 sq. ft. to be exact. ¬†Well, thankfully, RV’s come with lots of storage, at least most models do! We definitely had to sort through our belongings, purge most and only bring our most treasured possessions. The rest sits in storage. Brenna created a video tour of our home; however, it’s too big to upload…kind of ironic, huh? If any of you know how to bypass that, I would greatly appreciate the help. Here are a few pictures in the meantime, most of which were taken on the day we purchased the trailer. The kitchen is the best part and I don’t even have a picture. I guess I have some homework to do.

Our outdoor entertainment area….TV, mini frig, and BBQ
The back of our RV
The master bedroom with a king-sized bed.
Our “family room” with our homemade curtains

The kids bathroom…prior to decorating.
One half of the kids bunk room the day we purchased the trailer. We have since added bedspreads, pictures, and curtains.
The master bathroom…again, prior to decorating.


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