On The Road….FINALLY!

We finally hit the road on October 5th to head to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Annual Balloon Fiesta!! If you haven’t followed a Dawson adventure before, you will quickly learn that our travels are never without excitement…not usually in the good sense. One of our last trips included 5 flat tires & the loss of a bike in  the middle of the freeway. This time was no exception! We were traveling along in Post, Texas when we were pulled over by the police. We knew we weren’t speeding so were a bit nervous. The officer came up to the window and said, “Sir, were you carrying bikes?” to which my husband responded “yes.” The officer asked, “How many?” When we replied “Four,” he proceeded with a “not anymore” and said that we seem to have lost them about 15 minutes back in the middle of the freeway. Our jaws dropped as we had the rack welded to the bumper and each bike was secured with a 2000 lb ratchet strap.  Thinking we had lost all 4 of our bikes, we were shocked when the officer told us we needed to go pick them up. We anticipated a metal mess but this is what we saw…..

Our bikes were essentially undamaged and still attached to the bike rack!!! Unbelievable! To give you a little bike history with the Dawsons, on our last trip we lost my son’s bike in the middle of the freeway, with all the others holding on for dear life as the bumper, bike rack, and straps broke, so we were taking extra precautions this time…or so we thought. Apparently, David did do a great job securing the bikes to the rack but the bumper apparently needed yet a little more support. Anything on the back of the trailer takes a serious beating, basically suffering from whiplash as you hit bumps in the road. After our previous experience, we cut off our old standard bumper and welded on a new 1/4″steel bumper  and welded the bike rack onto the bumper itself.

The new bumper & the old bent bumper

You would think that would be enough, right??? Nope! Anyway, we weren’t quite sure what to do with the bikes at this point as we didn’t have our welder with us and there certainly wasn’t room in the “basement,” as we call it, nor inside the 5ver! David was so frustrated he just wanted to just leave it all on the side of the freeway but I wasn’t willing to part with them. We laid all the bikes on our bed and wrapped the rack in towels & squeezed it in the kitchen.  Whew!! Now to figure out what to do with the bikes for the way home….

To add to this fun, our puppy went into heat on the drive out….our puppy who was supposedly spayed, based on an abdominal scar!! We didn’t have anything to wrap her in so my lap it was.  Not too many pet stores out in the middle of nowhere!! When we were pulled over, I got out of the car covered in small blood stains. Yuck!! I’m actually surprised they didn’t question me, or better yet David, about what happened.

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  1. You are sure missed around here! It looks like from the pics on FB that you are enjoying yourselves and cooker weather! Be safe! See you when you return!

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