My Heavy Heart!

We have spent the last 3 months at Jellystone Park where we have met the most incredible people,  enjoying numerous activities with them every day. Today my heart is heavy as we drive away, knowing that we may never see these very special people again.

It all started on Christmas Day when we were without our extended family. The kids and I were outside riding around on new toys when we were asked if we wanted to play some beanbag baseball with them. We had a blast and our friendships with these “Winter Texans” grew. Over the past few months I have played numerous games of bean bag baseball, dominoes, bunco, dime bingo, golf…the list goes on. We did water aerobics & line dancing together. We shared many of beers together at the onsite bar. We shared many meals together whether at a restaurant or just in the campground. I’m not sure whether to say it was a pleasure playing laser tag with them or not as they usually massacred me!! Paul and Duanne, I am talking about YOU!! My games were pathetic at best. Anyway, this group of people has become deeply embedded in my heart. They truly have become family. I cannot express how much they have blessed my life these past few months!!

9 thoughts on “My Heavy Heart!

    1. We will certainly remember all the fun with had with the two of you…moscow mules, Pint and Plow, Grape Juice…lots of fun times together!! Hope to see you again when we get to Indiana. Big Hugs!!

  1. Sounds like a bittersweet start to your upcoming adventure. There will be lots of hellos and good-byes in the months ahead and hopefully each of them will make you a wiser and stronger person.

    We will look forward to following you all on your family trek across the USA. Wishing you the best of luck! Sending love, Mom

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