Just to Set the Record Straight…

I really feel that I need to clarify something.  A comment has been made to me numerous times that goes something like this: “Boy, you must really be meeting quality people in those campgrounds (wink..wink)”  or “I’d love to see those people you’re meeting!”” I want to set the record straight that not everyone that camps or lives in their trailer is “white trash” or “trailer trash.” Almost all the people we have met or befriended are middle to upper class people and their trailer is typically their second home. For some, their trailer is their home, like ours, but they have the same goal as we do…to travel the U.S. We don’t select the trashy parks to stay in. We choose really beautiful campgrounds that draw in wonderful people. Besides a select few “crazies”, we have been surrounded by amazing people that we will call friends for a long time! Our lives have been so blessed with new friends all over this continent that we are so excited to meet up with again.


The kids met Grace & Rachel who came to stay with their Grandma & Grandpa for a few weeks in the park & the kids became instant friends.
Brenna & Grant met Abby & Ryan at our first park.
Joyce & Danny, our incredible neighbors for 4 months
Brenna, her sweet friend, Chloe, and our very special friends, Yogi and Boo Boo!
We found our previous neighbors, Jessica & Bruce, in the campground!!
Three of my favorite ladies, Linda, Vicki, & Marsha, who were regulars in my line dancing classes. Love them to pieces!!
Brendan, Grant, Brenna & Chloe… best of friends for 3 months while at Jellystone.
The incredible Williams Family…Caden, Sarah (our fearless Activities Director), & Boyd (the Domestic Goddess)!
Such a special group of ladies from Jellystone! Miss them so much!

Pretty normal looking people, right??!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about each of them!!


7 thoughts on “Just to Set the Record Straight…

  1. What a fun bunch! We were so happy to run into you guys. We got to meet some of those great people, and I agree, they are all special!

  2. We just “look” normal! Chloe and Brendan were totally blessed to have such great friends to spend time with. They can’t wait to meet up again! See y’all soon!

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