Delays, delays, and MORE delays

We certainly hoped to have hit the road by now but we have had so many unforeseen events occur with our business and our personal life. While we sort things out and finish up the last items on our list, we will be hanging out in San Antonio…a little longer. We are at a beautiful park here in a great area amidst a lot of trees and the kids have made a bunch of friends here too so they are having a blast. Meanwhile, we are just working hard to get things finished up so we can hit the road..officially. Our RV roof may need to be repaired due to some tree damage so we are waiting on the insurance on that too which may hold up our departure as well. Our storage unit was broken into this week so we have been trying to sort out that mess. We have to sell my car before we can leave so if anyone wants to buy a beautiful 2012 Buick Enclave, please message me for more information!! This situation is really teaching me the true meaning of patience and that I may have to give up my plans in order to receive God’s even better plan. Boy, that’s difficult to do but I am feeling more at peace with the situation. God knows exactly what He is doing and can plan this trip way better then me!

Our original plan was to head East towards Florida so we could visit family there and spend time there during the colder winter months. Now that we are leaving later than anticipated, Florida in the summer is not at the top of our list…bugs, humidity, heat…ewww!  We are thinking of  just heading straight to the East Coast so we can visit family there and we can visit all the sites we have been learning about this year studying US exploration. We can just hit Florida next winter when the humidity and heat won’t be so intense…not like San Antonio is a cake walk though. My body does not tolerate extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Sad, huh? I guess I got a little spoiled spending most of my life in San Diego, California. That plan sounds pretty good except I’m still concerned about the humidity & bugs out East.  Geez, I sound like a princess, huh?! We may just head straight North/Northwest and hit Yellowstone, Glacier National Park. Washington, etc and save the East Coast for the fall. Ohhhh….too many decisions…and those of you that know me know I am terrible at  making decisions!! If anyone wants to throw in their two cents, I will certainly listen.


2 thoughts on “Delays, delays, and MORE delays

  1. I’m not going to be any help because all I’m going to do is agree with you!

    It’s gorgeous right now here near Atlanta, but we’ve already has some fairly hot days. The mercilessly hot ones will arrive any moment. This is definitely the South, but Florida is a whole ‘nother kind of South. Yep, you’d best be heading northward.

    We’re still in our house, with an RV in the driveway we’re doing upgrades and minor fixes to. So if it makes you feel any better at least you managed to actually move into your RV.

    Sorry about your storage unit. That stinks 🙁

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