About Us

Hello & welcome! We are the Dawsons…David, Stefanie, Brenna(11) & Grant(10) plus our 3 furry friends, Ella, Bailey, & Daisy (our oldest son, Spencer (21), will not be joining us on our adventure).  We are setting out to hit the road in our fifth-wheel trailer to explore the great U.S. of A and learn U.S. history along the way for as long as the Lord will allow! We were supposed to set out almost 2 years ago but after numerous delays, we are finally ready to hit the open road, now scheduled to leave the  San Antonio, Texas area in April, 2017. We moved into our trailer in July, 2016, expecting to leave shortly after but have continued to have delays due to our business. We have been in and around the San Antonio area since but have been able to travel to New Mexico during this time.

We are really looking forward to visiting with our friends and family along our travels…don’t worry, we don’t need to stay with you as we are bringing our home with us ;).  We hope you will learn and explore right along side us as you follow us here.  Thank you for visiting and please come back soon or subscribe to our site so you don’t miss any of the adventures.